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Gr8chatsradio was created for all listeners.  Our DJs play a variety of music for everyone. Our DJs will not play any HEAVY METAL  or  EXPLICIT songs. We play OLDIES, COUNTRY, LOVE SONGS, and REGGAE.  FAMILY members can enjoy our music with their KIDS without fear of EXPLICIT words in our songs that we play.

If  you are having an event and need music for your event, send us an email from our contact page.  We will cater to your event with music of your choice for 2 FREE hours.

Have a topic or topics you would like discussed on Ray's corner,  go to the  contact page and send us an email.

Singers with a new release song, if you would like air play on our radio  station, send us a MP3 copy of the song we will play it for you, (clean radio version no explicit lyrics).

We Broadcast 24/7 Worldwide

We will Provide FREE Airtime for all Public Announcements.

                                               LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY EVENTS FOR  FREE AIRTIME

Please send us a MP3 file no more than 30 seconds long.

If it's a great'll hear it here!

                                     It's what you wanna Hear.....
We play all the ~GREAT ~ songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's , 90's and Today with less commercial interruption. Pure Crystal Clear Digital Broadcasting World ~Wide !!


Our success is the result of dedicated listeners and an exemplary radio team who believe in a vision and are dedicated ensuring a great future for our stations programming and future as we continue to grow rapidly around the globe .

We have merged the power of the Internet Radio to bring to you, our loyal listeners, new and fun ways to interact with Gr8chatsradio , our on-air personalities.

Take the time to surf our site and see what’s going on today in and around Gr8chatsradio . We keep the content fresh for you – with updates. to provide you something new every time you visit. Don’t miss our special features, such as , on-air programming, station and local events, contests.

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Ms BB Storm Singer